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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Diana Simpson-Hinds, and I am the owner of Blooming Families, operating since January 2018. Initially, providing face to face counselling until March 2020 when I transitioned to online counselling due to the Pandemic.

I have had an increase of organisations seeking my service and clients from the Black community during this time, to address issues of mental health. In addition, seeking a safe and confidential space to talk about issues of racism after the murder of George Floyd and how his death impacted them personally. Though, an unfortunate situation, it has encouraged the black community to take advantage of counselling for mental wellness than the previous perceived view that counselling is for people who are mad, weak, the rich, and not for people of colour.

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Blooming Families is in the process of developing a membership website where persons can access information about issues that focuses on the relationship and the family. It will share stories and strategies that might be helpful to members to address issues that families generally face. For those of you who wish to become a member, there will be a nominal monthly fee as well as other reductions to make therapy affordable. The information and sessions will help you implement strategies specific to issues you are experiencing offering short or long-term support.

To become a member, register your details or email

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